Early detection and preventative measures are the keys to preserving your vision; and evolving technologies are making the job much easier, according to Dr. Vivienne Velasco of iFocus Vision Center. In 2019, Dr. Velasco’s practice began offering Optomap® ultra-widefield retinal imaging to patients. Optomap is a non-invasive technology that offers an instantaneous, ultra-wide digital image of the retina. When used as part of your comprehensive eye exam, Optomap provides Dr. Velasco with the ability to identify retinal disease and diagnose potentially sight-threatening conditions earlier.

“Obtaining an Optomap image is a quick and easy way to get a wide field image of the inside structures of the eye. It has helped our patients better understand the importance of monitoring their eye health. Early detection is key when it comes to managing eye diseases and the Optomap helps me detect early and subtle changes in the eye which can help drive my treatment plans for a patient. Overall it’s a win-win for both patient and doctor. “

Understanding the various risks a patient is facing gives Dr. Velasco more time to develop a treatment plan, if necessary. When performed annually as part of a comprehensive eye exam, Optomap can help Dr. Velasco identify subtle changes that occur year-over-year, creating a timeline for each patient.

What Are the Benefits of optomap®?

The image provided by Optomap can tell Dr. Velasco a great deal more than traditional devices, benefiting patients who may be experiencing vision loss or are at risk of developing eye disease in the future.

  1. The Health of Your Eyes. Many eye diseases, such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration, develop slowly and gradually steal your vision. With a split-second image capture provided by Optomap, Dr. Velasco can identify these conditions in their early stages, increasing the chance that your vision can be preserved.
  2. A Wider View of Your Vision. While previous imaging technologies would allow doctors to see about 15 percent of the retina at a time, Optomap captures 82 percent of the retina with a low-intensity scanning laser.
  3. Less Wait Time. Older technologies forced patients to wait for a diagnosis, but Optomap gives Dr. Velasco the ability to discuss their eyes immediately. Because the eye scan takes so little time and the results are available faster, Dr. Velasco can discuss the results with patients and help develop a plan before they leave the iFocus Vision Center offices.
  4. A Permanent Record. Optomap provides you with an immediate record for their medical files, which can help Dr. Velasco make critical comparisons when you return for your annual comprehensive eye exam.

For more information about Optomap imaging, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Velasco, contact iFocus Vision Center online or call 702-473-5660.