How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Child

Whether it’s summer, spring, winter, or fall, Las Vegas remains one of the sunniest cities in the United States. All of that extra Vitamin D is surely one of the reasons so many [...]

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What to Expect During Your iFocus Vision Center Appointment

Despite the reopening of many businesses in Nevada, an increasing number of coronavirus infections in early June has forced Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak to push back the state’s “Phase 3” reopening protocols. By [...]

How to Relieve Yourself of Summer Eye Allergies

While many people welcome summer and its warmer temperatures, the onset of seasonal eye allergies can spoil the fun for others. The sudden onset of watery, itchy eyes can go from irritating to [...]

Helping Your Child Develop Good Vision at Home

While businesses are slowly reopening and many communities are transitioning away from stay-at-home policies, many parents are going into Summer 2020 with limited daycare options and uncertainty about the fall school semester. That’s [...]

How to Take Care of Your Vision While Stuck In Your Home

Until coronavirus-caused stay at home orders are lifted and it’s deemed safe to reopen businesses throughout the country, we need to get used to taking care of ourselves in ways that we haven’t [...]

How iFocus Vision Center Is Treating Patients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing millions of Americans indoors and Nevada’s stay at home order extended through the end of April, Dr. Vivienne Velasco and iFocus Vision Center are taking steps to ensure [...]